Become a better magician by first working on your mind! Secrets of Mindfulness for Magicians is a guidebook for learning the real secrets of meditation, and how to apply mindfulness to the practice and performance of magic. After you"ve gained some mastery of the technique, you will learn how to use it to develop concentration, confidence and the flow state in magic and life.

Here are a few other items taught in the book:

1. The quickest way to relax your mind and body
2. Two techniques for getting into "the zone" on demand
3. The secret to blocking out 99% of random thoughts (can be used anytime, not just when meditating)
4. Speed up the learning of difficult sleight of hand tricks
5. Short circuit your critical mind in seconds
6. Become more natural as a performer
7. Easily connect with your audience by cultivating empathy
8. Develop a Zen-like work ethic when it comes to practice (or anything else)
9. Learn the secrets of jhana junkies to create good feelings in just a few minutes
10. Use scattered attention to build super-focus

Secrets of Mindfulness for Magicians teaches you how to work on your own mind, which will better enable you to amaze the minds of spectators!

Includes an eBook and an audiobook.

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