Twice a month, top names in magic will be lecturing live! Get Access Only for Rs. 785/- Each month.

At the Table is twice-monthly online lecture service. We invite some of the top lecturers in the industry to perform and lecture, and you watch live from the comfort of your home. Once it is over you are given a downloadable file and you can enjoy it again and again. Subscribe here to receive access to this month's two lectures of respective artists

At The Table December 2019 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
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Blackmind by EbbyTones video DOWNLOAD
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The Vault - Get Nyman by Andy Nyman video DOWNLOAD
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B2 For Those Who Dare (A Billet Routine) by Philip
Price : Rs. 1429
Vanish Magazing #33 eBook DOWNLOAD
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Mental Color by Alfredo Gilè video DOWNLOAD
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Magic Encarta Presents Beginners Guide To Card Mag
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A Beautiful Mind by Molim El Barch eBook DOWNLOAD
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Sleight Indiscretions by Brian Lewis eBook DOWNLOA
Price : Rs. 1018
Unknown Forces by Devin Knight ebook DOWNLOAD
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Direct Mind by Ebby Tones Magic video DOWNLOAD
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AMAZING MAGIC - Volume I by Paul A. Lelekis mixed
Price : Rs. 790
For No One by Jacob Smith video DOWNLOAD
Price : Rs. 1318
Book of Champions by Jacob Smith video DOWNLOAD
Price : Rs. 1318
Subliminal by Jacob Smith video DOWNLOAD
Price : Rs. 1014
Newtons Touch by Luke Jonas and Scott Olgard Mixed
Price : Rs. 714
The Vault - Sherlocked 2.0 by by Thad Barker Mixed
Price : Rs. 1926
Price : Rs. 2842
Mavoch by Ori Ascher eBook DOWNLOAD
Price : Rs. 2990
Back To Vegas by Michael Breggar eBook DOWNLOAD
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MAGIC MEDLEY by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLO
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Even More of My Favorites by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed
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Mind Your Business Project by Pablo Amira video DO
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Zen Magic with Iain Moran - Magic With Cards and C
Price : Rs. 1930
Intense by Vinny Sagoo video DOWNLOAD
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