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! Do you have a magic trick that is ORIGINAL, UNIQUE, VISUAL, and AMAZING? Want to start on your production right away? Then send us a video clip of your latest creation! The best way for our team to determine if you have the next big thing, is to send us a video clip of your BEST performance of the effect along with an explanation of the method.


Ans: Your method will stay with only a SELECT few of our team. We require a sample of your method or gimmick in order to determine practicality, marketability and uniqueness. In respect of other creators, we must ensure that your method is original. We will never tip or release your work without coming to an agreement with you first.
  • Your demo makes our eyes pop and stomachs flutter.
  • Your effect is created directly and personally by you and is not a copy or imitation.
  • Your effect has marketability. Just because it is good magic doesn't always mean it will sell well.
  • Your effect is practical to perform and can be easily taught.
Ans: Let's face it. So much material in the magic industry gets recycled. We've seen every pick-a- card / find-a- card trick in existence. Show us something we haven't seen before. The reality is that visual magic sells the best and therefore has a higher chance of being produced. Your work should make us leap back and question modern physics. Use good grammar, spelling and English. Put time into your pitch. Help us understand your magic. Show us what your spectator would see. We want your completed routine so we can get a clear idea of how to produce it. Sell to us!
Ans: Almost anything! Jassher's Magic has a wide range of customers and we've put nearly every kind of magic on store shelves worldwide. The best types of submissions might include:
  • PK Effects (move with your mind)
  • Levitating objects
  • Striking color changing magic
  • Mind-Blowing Mentalism
  • Killer Card Magic
  • Gimmick ideas
  • Vanishing objects, reappearing
  • Penetrations
  • Spectacular coin magic
  • Any magic that makes us jump back and say, FU...K HOW DID U DO THAT!!!!!


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NOTE: Due to the number of production requests we receive, we will only be able to reply if we are interested in producing your magic; we cannot provide general feedback for your submission.

You MUST include a video that teaches the method to your trick to be considered for production. Submissions without a method will not be considered for production. Your secret is safe.

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